There are many WiFi display/wireless streaming related products and gadgets in market. Some are from Technology monsters like Google(ChromeCast), some from professional players like Netgear(PTV3000 as an example), ViewSonic(WPG370 for instance), and some from professional manufacturer like us(RealCast/RealCast PTV and EZCast dongles).

Hereafter are some basic comparison tables between the mainstream Wireless display/WiFi streaming/wireless presentation products, aspects covering: Overall WiFi display performance, WiFi display technology/protocol support, WiFi standard, Ease of Use, etc.

Comparison table - Visonicom RealCast PTV 308/310 vs ViewSonic WPG370

Comparison table - Visonicom RealCast PTV 302/303/305 vs Netgear PTV3000

Comparison table - Visonicom RealCast PTV vs RealCast vs EZCast vs EZCast Mobile vs Chromecast